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Precision Builders Tom Sears LLC has been a respected builder for 25 years in the Charlottesville, Virginia area and has maintained an excellent reputation.  We offer a variety of services including remodeling, additions, and new home construction.   Our attention to detail helps us to fine tune the project as well as the budget, by keeping our overhead costs low.  The testimonials of our homeowners speak to their satisfaction with the quality of our work, while providing our company the positive reputation is has garnered.
Our team of employees have been with the company for as much as 15 years providing quality work and craftsmanship.  This is a confirmation of how committed they are to seeing the company do well.  Tom Sears and Precision Builders are well respected with vendors and contractors in the area.   

Our Services Include:

New home construction // Remodeling //  

Renovation // Much more...

Tom Sears
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